Welcome to Savage Grace Ministries

Following some forty plus years in ministry and a time of rest, recovery, and restoration, I am exploring new methods to continue to give meaningful contribution to the Kingdom of God.This web site is such an expression. I am trusting it will be a source of enrichment as you explore it. It is still a work in progress. We are making available teachings we've done over the years as well as current ones.

Our purpose at SGM is to encourage and edify all, but...especially those who have been bruised and broken by life's calamities. We offer hope to those who have served on the front lines in the spiritual battle that is being waged, and been wounded. Many have been wounded deeply by the friendly fire of God's own Kingdom as well as from the demonic forces. We exist to offer hope, healing, and restoration to you through God's Word and Spirit. We extend our unconditional love rather than rejection and judgment. We would consider it an honor to journey with you through recovery and walk with you back to a place of usefulness and fruitfulness in ministry.

Be encouraged to contact us, and share your prayer requests and felt needs with us on this secured sight of confidentiality.

This ministry operates in grace and liberty. We place no value on arguing over doctrinal differences. We rather celebrate the unity and diversity found in the basic foundational truths of God's Word rejoicing in Kingdom purpose and unity. Our statement of faith is clear and unapologetic.